Spider Monkey

Considered most acrobatic primate, Spider Monkeys can grow nearly two feet tall. These nimble creatures use their long, lanky arms and powerful tail to swing from tree to tree at high speed. They spend most of their time hanging upside-down in trees, with all four limbs and the tail clinging to the branches, giving them a spider-like appearance. Spider Monkeys are very social, preferring to gather in groups of up to three dozen, and spend their days foraging fruit, seeds, plants, eggs, insects, spiders and small mammals to eat. They are very noisy, often communicating through screeches, barks and other shrill sounds. Their fur can be black, brown, red, golden or tan.

  • Agility: 10/10

  • Charisma: 4/10

  • Intelligence: 4/10

  • Speed: 8/10

  • Stamina: 6/10

  • Strength: 4/10

  • Wisdom: 4/10

  • TOTAL: 40/70
The Spider Monkey’s agility and high speed movement makes them difficult to catch, and they can use their tail like a fifth limb.

Spider Monkeys have no thumbs and the harsh noises they make can be very annoying.

Best Animals to Adapt With
The speedy and agile Spider Monkey falls short with intelligence, charisma and strength. Because of this she’s well suited to adapt with the Toucan and the Black Caiman.

Eagles, hawks and humans.

Increasing Their Survival Rate
The Spider Monkey is listed as “critically endangered” by the IUCN, which includes it on its list of the 25 most endangered primate species in the world. They are often hunted, while logging and deforestation continue to shrink their habitat. Visit the Spider Monkey Conservation Project for more information.

Image credit: www.earthtimes.org

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To the Mayans, monkeys represent the sacred, as well as the underworld and man of an earlier creation. When the last two men grew jealous of the younger brothers that the Gods created to sustain their race, they tried to harm them. As punishment, the Gods turned them into the Howler and Spider Monkey, who were laughed at for their propensity to dance and be silly. Their hurt feelings drove the monkeys away to the forest to live high in the trees forever. It is said that these divine creatures live suspended between earth and the heavens.