Pink Dolphin

With stunningly beautiful, glossy pink skin and reddish eyes, The Pink Dolphin is a freshwater mammal indigenous to the Orinoco, Amazon and Araguaia/Tocantins Rivers. It specializes in hunting in forests, marches and lowland rivers with extensive floodplains. The Pink Dolphin can grow larger than a human—over eight feet in length and more than 200 pounds, with females typically growing larger than males. They like to eat piranhas, crustaceans, crabs, small turtles, shrimp and catfish.

  • Agility: 9/10

  • Charisma: 7/10

  • Intelligence: 10/10

  • Speed: 5/10

  • Stamina: 3/10

  • Strength: 3/10

  • Wisdom: 7/10

  • TOTAL: 44/70
The Pink Dolphin’s unusually flexible spinal cord and unfused neck vertebrae enables them to turn their heads 180 degrees, which comes in handy for navigating flooded forests. Their long snout can extract prey from stealthy hideouts in hollow logs and submerged vegetation.

The Pink Dolphin is insecure when they’re on their own; they prefer to travel in numbers.

Best Animal to Adapt With
The Pink Dolphin is intelligent and agile, but lacks strength and stamina. They are great matches to adapt with the speedy Jaguar and energetic Basilisk.

Sloth, Jaguar, Man.

Increasing Their Survival Rate
The Pink Dolphin is listed “endangered species-threatened” by the IUCN due to pollution, overfishing, excessive and habitat loss. Visit the Tropical Dolphin Foundation to find out how to help.

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Amazonian folklore refers to Pink Dolphins as Encantandos, shape shifters that transform into beautiful men and women at night. It’s believed that they cast spells on humans to seduce them and produce illegitimate children. This myth arose in part because dolphin genitalia resembles those of humans.

Pink Dolphins have magical powers—it’s bad luck to kill them and worse to eat them. Since they were once human, they can turn back whenever they want. If a human makes eye contact with Pink Dolphin, they will suffer from lifelong nightmares and your only weapon against them is dried eyeballs.