Jaguars are the largest of South America’s wild cats. These fierce animals once roamed the Americas but are now found only in remote regions, mostly in the Amazon basin. Jaguars like to live alone, often in caves, and are very territorial. This compact, muscular animal grows to about four to six feet long, and has a powerful jaw that yields the strongest bite of all big cats. They can bite down with the force of 2000 pounds, twice the power of the lion.

Nocturnal carnivores, Jaguars do most of their hunting at night. They prey on large animals including deer, capybaras, tapirs and peccaries, as well as reptiles, fish, birds and turtles. Jaguars often climb trees to stalk and ambush their prey from above with one powerful bite. They range in color from yellow to black with black spots called “rosettes,” which are unique to each individual animal. Some Jaguars are so dark that they appear spotless from a distance.

  • Agility: 7/10

  • Charisma: 10/10

  • Intelligence: 4/10

  • Speed: 9/10

  • Stamina: 4/10

  • Strength: 6/10

  • Wisdom: 3/10

  • TOTAL: 43/70
The Jaguar’s speed, ferocity and bite. In addition, their stocky limb structure makes them adept at swimming, climbing and crawling. Unlike other felines, they are very tolerant of water and are excellent swimmers.

Their solitary tendencies.

Best Animal to Adapt With
The seductive Jaguar is perhaps the most charismatic animal on our list but lacks in both intelligence and wisdom. Because of this, it’s best DNA adaptation matches are with the Sloth and the Giant Anteater.

The Jaguar’s only enemy is man, who hunts them for their beautiful fur. They are also killed by ranchers for preying on their livestock.

Increasing Their Survival Rate
The Jaguar is listed by The Brazilian Institute of Environment and Renewable Natural Resources (IBAMA) as threatened with extinction. Threats include hunting, as well as loss and fragmentation of habitat. To find out more or help, visit The Jaguar Conservation Fund.

image: Bruce McAdam

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Jaguars figures prominent in ancient Native American mythology, in which it is considered the god of war due to how much they kill. Their name was derived from the Native American word “Yaguar,” which mean “he who kills with one leap.” The Jaguar is considered the powerful spirit companion of shamans, protecting them from evil spirits while they move between earth and the spirit realm. In other traditions, the Jaguar is considered the god of the night and the lord of the underworld.