Golden Lion Tamarin

The Golden Lion Tamarin is a beautiful animal, the size of a squirrel, with a thick impressive mane of long, silky golden fur that frames its charismatic black face. Even though their mane resembles those of African lions, these rare primates have much more in common with monkeys. They live primarily in trees, sleeping in their cavities at night. Unlike most primates, their elongated fingers have claws rather than flat nails, which they used to dig for and snare prey such as insects, spiders, birds and lizards. They are monogamous animals and the females typically give birth to twins.

  • Agility: 10/10

  • Charisma: 4/10

  • Intelligence: 5/10

  • Speed: 7/10

  • Stamina: 5/10

  • Strength: 4/10

  • Wisdom: 5/10

  • TOTAL: 40/70
Their evil, claw-like nails help them define themselves, and their ability to move quadrupedally through branches and vegetation can help them sneak away from harm. They frequently move their sleeping dens around, minimizing the scent left behind and therefore reducing the likelihood of predators following them.Weaknesses
The Golden Lion Tamarin is very small, ranging from only around eight to 14 inches long. It has a hard time defending itself against the larger predators that crave it.

Best Animals to Adapt With

Eagles, hawks, jaguars, jaguarundis, snakes and ocelets.

Increasing Their Survival Rate
The Golden Lion Tamarin is one of the world’s most endangered species, as their habitat has been fragmented into small, disconnected areas. Threats to their population include poaching, logging, mining, urbanization and infrastructure development. Visit Save the Golden Lion Tamarin to find out how to help.

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El Tunchi, one the spirits that protects the rainforest, is said to hold special favor for the Golden Lion Tamarin, because of the appeal of its fiery orange-gold mane. If you harm one or endanger its habitat, El Tunchi will “play” with you, meaning it will subject you to harassment and possible harm.