Blue Morpho Butterfly

One the largest butterflies in the world, the Blue Morpho Butterfly lives in the tropical rainforests of Central and South America. Their wings span anywhere from five to eight inches, and are a bright, iridescent blue due to microscopic scales that reflect light. The underside of their wings, however, is dull brown with many eyespots, providing camouflage against predators when they are closed. When the Blue Morpho is seen flying, the contrasting bright blue and dull brown colors flash, creating a beautiful effect that looks as if it’s appearing and disappearing.

Blue Morpho caterpillar chews leaves, but as an adult, it can only use its long proboscis to suck the juice from rotten fruits, and drink tree sap, fungi and mud. They live in lower shrubs and trees, but when on the hunt for a suitable mate, will travel through all layers of the forest. The caterpillars do not like to be disturbed, as evidenced by a foul-smelling fluid they secrete. Their entire lifespan is only 115 days; the majority of their time is spent eating and reproducing.

  • Agility: 6/10

  • Charisma: 10/10

  • Intelligence: 7/10

  • Speed: 6/10

  • Stamina: 6/10

  • Strength: 1/10

  • Wisdom: 7/10

  • TOTAL: 43/70
The Blue Morpho’s greatest strength is its beauty. They often flash their wings to startle predators, giving them a little extra time to escape.

Their size and lack of combat skills.

Best Animals to Adapt With
The Blue Morpho is extremely charismatic but incredibly weak. For this reason it’s best suited to adapt with a strong creature like an Anaconda or Orangutan.

The Blue Morpho’s natural predators are birds including the Flycatcher and Jacamar. They are also hunted by man to be sold as to artists and collectors.

Increasing Their Survival Rate
Blue Morphos are severely threatened by loss of their natural habitat due to deforestation. In addition, their beauty attracts many who wish to capture and display them. For information on how to help, visit the Gabby Wild Foundation.

Image credit: Rene Mensen

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The Blue Morpho is an enchantress of the rainforest, renowned for its mystical beauty. Some Amazonians believe it to be a fairy or sprite in disguise, or a messenger of God, while others associate it with black magic and evil sorcerers. One myth claims that the Blue Morpho shapeshifts so beautifully so it can lure innocents into the forest, never to be heard from again. The Yukuna tribe of Colombia honor it with a special costumed dance.